Never Quit by Bruce Robert Coffin

During the past few months I have had the privilege of addressing students and teachers at several local colleges and high schools. The field of study for students attending these events ranged from English and writing to law enforcement. The audiences were a bit of a departure from my usual library and bookstore crowds in that they were less interested in my mystery series than in my police experiences and the path that led me to publication.

I relish each and every opportunity to share my experiences with those preparing to make their way in the world. Hopefully, I can provide some small measure of inspiration for their journey. It wasn’t so long ago that I was sitting where they sat, with big dreams for the future, asking the same questions.

After a quick summary of the high points of my police career, I confessed to the students that my initial aspirations had nothing to do with law enforcement. In fact, I wanted nothing more than to be a published novelist. I dreamt of becoming the next Stephen King. Enamored was I at the thought of Stephen banging away on an old typewriter until late into the evening, pounding out the words which would eventually become the manuscript for his first published novel, Carrie. I, too, wanted to create characters and spin yarns that people couldn’t get enough of. I longed for the day when I might hear: “When’s the next book coming out?”

My dreams were shattered during my freshman year of college when my creative writing professor and I had a difference of opinion regarding my ability. I thought I was a pretty fair writer. He didn’t. I never returned to collect any of the short stories I had penned during the semester-long class. Too discouraged to face him, I walked away.

Forced to reconsider my future, I chose the field of law enforcement, due mainly to the influence of my Uncle Wayne who had a distinguished thirty-six year career as a cop in the nearby town of Gorham. In 1985 was was hired by the Portland police department. It was the start of a long and wonderful career, and the end of a dream. I thought the creative writing portion of my life was over. And for a long time it was. It would be nearly three decades before I would attempt to write another short story. That story, ‘Fool Proof’, was published in November 2015 by Level Best Books as part of the anthology Red Dawn, Best New England Crime Stories. The following year ‘Fool Proof’ was named one of the twenty best short mystery stories published in North America during 2015 and was reprinted in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Best American Mystery Stories 2016. Since then I’ve written a bestselling mystery series and many short stories.

My message to the aspiring cops and novelists was simple. Never let anything or anyone stand in the way of your dreams. Keep pushing, keep working, and keep believing in yourself. It can happen if you want it bad enough.

At one of these events, following my remarks, I asked the audience if anyone had a question. I pointed at a student whose hand was raised.

“When’s the next book coming out?” they asked.

Until next time, write on!

2 thoughts on “Never Quit by Bruce Robert Coffin

  1. Great post, Bruce. You’re an inspiration to those who hear you. And your life journey was exactly what I was supposed to be. You needed those three decades to gather life experiences to write about, and in the process, you did a lot of good for many people. It’s important for others to understand that there’s nothing wrong with taking a detour on their dreams, as long as they circle back and try again.

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